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Three decades of gratitude, and now it's time to give back.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

More than 30 years ago, I arrived with my family in New York City’s Kennedy Airport, and when I think about this time, I feel extremely grateful. I remember being in awe of the huge limousines arriving and departing Kennedy Airport, and the masterfully built highways that lined up with enormous skyscrapers. The Manhattan skyscrapers have never failed to fascinate me.

Many easy things that were familiar to anyone born in the United States were challenging

for me.From turning on a shower to reading a restaurant's menu, or figuring out the purpose of

the sharps container, it was all foreign to me.

The challenges increased with time as I began working in an academic program within the

prestigious Mount Sinai Medical Center, while simultaneously raising my daughters.

The American dream temporarily became a nightmare due to a serious case of burnout.

And yet there was always hope that a solution could be found ...

"It is not what happens to you, it is how you respond to the events in your life that matter.”

These wise words, written thousands of years ago, became my second nature. The second I

began to understand these words, I felt as though I hit a personal goldmine.

Through exploring different mind-body interventions, my inner balance was restored, along

with my health and quality of life.

I am truly excited by the idea that, as an anesthesiologist, I could help patients and colleagues

attain an emotional and physical balance, as well as help optimize their state of health.

It is incredible that mindfulness-based interventions, breathing relaxation techniques, guided

imagery and other self-care tools are coming back to the light bringing relief from the immense stress of many.

I invite you to join me in exploring ways to achieve inner balance and resilience for

yourself or patients who may be suffering from chronic stress and/or pain, by exploring the hidden inner resources.

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