Self -Hypnosis Training

    Self -Hypnosis is a method of focusing your mind and using your imagination to get access to and improve your internal state of mind. Self-Hypnosis allows you to use more of your own internal resources more effectively.

     Is an ultimate self-control skill that I offer you to explore with me.

Hypnosis for  Chronic Pain Control

    It is important to understand that there isn't a single center in the brain responsible for pain control.There are multiple centers in the body that are responsible for the experience of pain so there are multiple steps that could be taken to combat pain including hypnosis, and mindfulness practice.

     Hypnosis and mindfulness have people's active participation in their foundation.People discover their own inner resources and learn how to decrease pain intensity, increase the level of activity and improve the ability to lead a meaningful life where pain doesn't stay on the way of living fully and wholeheartedly.

Help with Sleep Improvement

       Hypnosis and mindfulness techniques for sleep control are worth the effort because as soon as you master these relaxation techniques you become able to fall asleep almost anywhere and anytime you need a break.

    So, if you need help falling asleep or getting back to sleep after you awaken at night or maybe during a work break, I can show you the way.You just have to be ready to apply some effort and train your mind how to perform more efficiently.

      Surgery and medical procedures bring with them many concerns and worries leading the way to sleepless nights. 

    I can help deal with real and imaginary concerns and guide in bringing out inner personal resources to challenge the difficulties patients are facing .

Either deepening mindfulness practice or learning self-hypnosis could bring desired confidence and peace so vital in the difficult times.

Preparation for Surgical Procedures to Reduce Stress  and Anxiety


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