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Individual Coaching

Dr. Finn will help you discover your own inner resources for stress management,  sleep improvement, becoming physically active, eating in a way that promotes health and healing, exploring the ways to mastery of pain control, increasing the presence of empathy in the relationships with others.

Reducing stress & creating an optimal experience during surgical procedures

Exploring tools for better sleep 

Mindful living and communications  based on MBSR course



Mindfulness Based Chronic Pain
&Stress Management

(12 Week Course Coming Soon!)

Module 1: Studying attitudes of mindfulness and learning to the practices of mindfulness and meditation.

Module 2: Exploring self-care and self-awareness meditations, including body scan and loving kindness.

Module 3: Learning trauma-informed way of interactions with others; exploring the influences of past experiences on present health and behaviors.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 

(8 Week Course Coming Soon!)

Participants practice formal and informal meditations, yoga, and are engaged in a group inquiry of their experiences. 

Benefits include:

  1. Cooling down the emotional furnace of our life by boosting emotional control. 

  2. Stoping emotional energy drain and increasing the sense of well being by practicing self-compassion, empathy and patience. 

  3. Boosting  health by decreasing pain and inflammation and improving immune system. 

  4. Improving communication and emotional intelligence through practice of mindful listening.

  • Course on Nonviolent Communications

  • Self Hypnosis Training 

  • Hypnosis for Chronic Pain Management

  • "Comfort Talk" for the Operating Room

Future Offerings

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